VisCalc Oil & Gas

The FT-Consortium constituted by F-Thermo and FT-Solve has already developed proprietary software for the basic characterization of reservoir oils called “VisCalc”. This software is a stand-alone package with a modular structure and it is entirely flexible in terms of the Equation of State (EoS) that can be implemented and other models and calculation modules that, depending on the interest of our customers, may be included or developed and coupled. The software is built on an advanced platform by Wolfram Inc. (developer of Mathematica®) for all required specialized calculations. It is possible, however, that we may incorporate source-codes within already existing proprietary packages of our customers. With this option our customers may take advantage of their own specialized thermodynamic routines, i.e. flash calculation, mathematical or optimization routines, etc. and use just the modules or options that may be required in their specific cases.

Our stand-alone VisCalc package incorporates our own proprietary thermodynamic and mathematical routines for all kind of phase behaviour calculations.

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